The Correct Way to Answer a Divorce Petition

//The Correct Way to Answer a Divorce Petition

The Correct Way to Answer a Divorce Petition

Receiving a divorce petition requires prompt action. A lawyer would help understand how to answer the petition in the right way. There is always a time limit to the petition, often around three weeks.

A divorce petition refers to the document which is filed when one or both the spouses want to file for divorce. It is sent from one party to another who is supposed to be the respondent. The paper work needs to be answered in the correct legal way. By this time it’s necessary for the responder will have a lawyer answering the petition and also assisting with the divorce case.

While going through the divorce case the respondent normally has little to no contact with the other party. However, if your lawyer suggests an arbitration or a mediation you might need to meet the other party along with their lawyer in an office to talk matters out. Usually it’s crucial to carry out amiable discussions regarding several issues pertaining to the marriage. It could include all of the following issues:

  • Division of property
  • Division of financial assets
  • Child custody
  • Spousal or child support

In case of an arbitration, both parties are assisted by their family law solicitors in Gold Coast to help smooth out any complications or misunderstandings which arise during the discussion.

Steps for answering the divorce petition

  • The first step in answering the divorce petition I the affirmation by the respondent to the fact that a relationship dissolution actually exists.
  • The answer could be either yes or no and which needs to be answered in the reply section of the petition.
  • Any additional information which defines the actual position of the respondent in the case should also be added.
  • There should also be a list of all item shared by both the spouses mentioned in the petition
  • There are requests which need to be answered in either being congested or agreed upon. These would pertain to property division, child and spousal support.
  • Lawyer could help the respondent understand the legal language and make things easier to comprehend.
  • The respondent would confirm or deny the demands in the petition. All the details would be declared in a preprinted file. There are boxes which allow the respondent to answer o each query in a comprehensive manner.
  • The petition should be answered within the time limit, getting assistance from a lawyer can help sped up the process.

The need to give appropriate answers

The petition compromises of checkboxes which require a yes or no answer. There are also spaces present to explain each of the answers. If a spouse has a sport for primary custody of the children, they would need to clarify the answer in the explanation box in a concise manner. Formulating correct answers is necessary and a lawyer could help you do that.

A family law firm in Gold Coast compromises a number of lawyers who could help you with divorce proceedings.

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