Is Hiring a Male Nanny Better than a Female Nanny?

//Is Hiring a Male Nanny Better than a Female Nanny?

Is Hiring a Male Nanny Better than a Female Nanny?

The modern lifestyle with both working parents can add a lot of financial independence but at the same time, get tight in terms of time for the children in the family. With nuclear families on the rise, the concept of nannies has gained sufficient momentum as well. Where there were a time people opted for young girls to look over their kids while they were away for work or tend to some important matter, nowadays, we have mannies. Mannies, or male nannies have emerged as not just an all-rounder alternative to nannies but have earned a lot of praises. It is becoming rather normal for families to seek out male nannies for their kids and for good reasons too. Here are some reasons we find why a male nanny may be a good option for your kid if you are looking for a family day care tuggeranong.


Male nannies have been perceived and proven to be better multi-taskers than their counterpart. From academic excellence to sporty prowess, you can expect male nannies to cover all areas for your kids. Personal development to becoming a pro at your studies, all the while being tended to gently, what can’t a male nanny not do?

Big Bro


It has been observed that male nannies provide a sense of Big Brother for the little kids and help them bond better. It is often easier for kids to open up to and enjoy with a apparent care-free nature big brother that takes care of them in a fun way, all the while spoiling them with love.

Role Model

For families with a lot of sons, male nannies can shine. They tend to become a role model sort of a figure that allows children to have someone to share with and look up to. In circumstances where there is an absence of a male dominant figure in the family, don’t worry. Male nannies can fill up that gap and help the little boys have a gentle yet firm figure to look up to. Single parents and moms that are tending to kids alone should definitely consider having a male nanny support them in difficult times. If circumstances don’t allow a father figure to be there, let the male nanny take care of your kids and cut out the feeling of them being left out.

Mannies, Not Mommies

Sometimes, with a female caretaker, mothers often feel cut off from the family picture. The kids get closer to their nanny and the mother often suffers in this regard. A good thing about male nannies is that they will never become a motherly figure for your kids. If you are a single mother who has been reluctant to get a nanny for this very reason, we urge you consider a male nanny and make your life easier. You will always be the only motherly figure and nobody will be there to steal your thunder.

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